RADAR develops people by providing clarity through a process of self-discovery, awareness, and growth towards self-leadership. RADAR provides an environment in which each participant can gain an understanding and experience the strength, independence, and enjoyment that comes from developing the necessary skills required to take personal responsibility for their own success. The process of getting results through enhancing self-leadership and self-management.

RADAR enables organizations to experience improved and increased results.

Results are achieved through providing leaders with the skills needed to increase productivity through people.

RADAR wheel

RADAR stands for:

  • Responsibility for Choice
  • Awareness of how we currently act
  • Development of new behaviours
  • Accountability for excellence
  • Results for success

It starts with understanding Responsibility — that each person is responsible for their own choices, their responses to them and their final destination. Becoming aware of the need to change is the next step — identifying the behaviours that are not producing results. Next, we develop the skills to support productive change and then advance to being accountable for the results. Finally, we harness the power of goal-setting and translate it into action to achieve the desired results.

RADAR will help participants:

  • Become Self-Leader
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Achieve greater results in every area of their life
  • Build stronger relationships with team members
  • Be happier and have more fun

RADAR will help organizations achieve better bottom line results through:

  • More motivated and productive staff
  • Increased results and team effectiveness
  • People are focused on the goals and not on other issues
  • Increased retention

The Format and Features:

  • Provides step-by-step practice and exercises to reinforce key concepts
  • Written and recorded materials — for easier learning and retention
  • Based on practical experiences for today's business environment
  • Provides for both business and personal applications — providing the opportunity for a more balanced life