Awareness is the first step in the process of change. Assessments help people to understand their strengths, their behaviours and their challenges. It provides a clearer understanding of strengths allow leaders to leverage those strengths and develop others to get better results. When there is a gap in perceptions, it shows area where enhancements are needed allow the individual to be aware of these needs in a confidential process.

There are 4 main assessment tools that can be used to enhance the above programs or used on their own to develop awareness:

  • 360° Assessments
  • Organizational Climate Survey
  • Job-Fit Assessment
  • 180° Responsibility Survey

360° Assessments

Results-Centred 360 Feedback is a perfect tool for assessing the differences between a leader's perception of their leadership skills and the perceptions of the person they report to, their peers and their direct reports.

It assesses a leader's ability to:

The benefits that each individual will receive will be unique to that person. However in basic terms, through changing behaviour, people will often achieve some or all of the following:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Effectively deal with performance issues
  • Builds a strong team
  • Manage stress
  • Lead Change
  • Set Realistic goals
  • Plan and be productive
  • Set a motivational environment
  • Coach for success

Organizational Climate Survey

Corporate Climate Feedback (CCF) provides the organization with insight into how the employees feel about the organization, the culture and the environment in which they work. When people are positive and feel good about their environment they will be more productive and will service clients more effectively. When clients are happy your organization gets better results.

This survey will tell you how employees feel about:

  • The culture and the working environment
  • How clear the expectations are
  • Team work and working with others internally
  • Working with their external customers
  • The leadership of the organization
  • The reward system
  • Financial stability of the organization
  • Plus many other important areas

Job-Fit Assessment

PREVUE Assessments (PREVUE) matches people to jobs by comparing work-related abilities, interests, and personality traits to job benchmarks. Customized PREVUE Benchmarks are based on proven characteristics of best performers and/or survey input from knowledgeable managers.

PREVUE job fit includes:

  • Hiring - including behavioural based interview questions
  • Reducing turn over
  • Succession planning
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Team building
  • Training needs

180° Assessment

180 Responsibility Assessment provides peer feedback for an individual and allows them to understand how others feel about their effectiveness and their level of responsibility. It draws a clear picture for an individual to allow them to gain greater awareness of their strengths and areas for development.