Coaching for Success supports the introduction of coaching into an organization by providing insights into the reasons for coaching, the elements of the coaching process and the importance of communication using the coaching network.

Coaching for Success is a great introductory program for anyone in an organization that is introducing coaching as a key communication and development tool. Coaching for Success can also be used as a natural follow up for managers who have already participate in Results-Centred Leadership as an opportunity to consolidate the learning.

Results are achieved through providing leaders with the skills needed to increase productivity through people.

Coaching for Success flowchart

Coaching for Success is presented in 4 key modules:

  • Good Reasons for Coaching
  • Key Elements in the Coaching Process
  • Importance of Communication in the Coaching Process
  • Conducting One-on-One Coaching Sessions

When the program is complete, each person will be able to:

  • Understand the value and importance of coaching
  • Appreciate what may hold them back from coaching
  • Responsibility and accountability through the one-on-one coaching process
  • Realize the value of SMART goals
  • Have tools for dealing with performance issues of others
  • Comprehend the importance of key aspects of better communication
  • The value of feedback and the role it plays in developing people and getting enhanced results
  • How to build strong trusting relationships
  • The perception and understanding of the consequences of change

The Format and Features:

  • Participant work book providing learning through different approaches, exercises, experiential experiences, roles plays, case studies, discussion
  • 8 ? 2-hr sessions or, 4 ? 4-hr sessions or 2 full days
  • Participants write the answers to consolidate the learning
  • Allows for discussion in groups for better understanding and development of teams