CVR Leadership specializes in providing Clear Verifiable Results through facilitating organizational development. The focus is on developing strong leaders who will in turn develop the rest of the people within the organization.

Located in the greater Toronto area (ON, Canada), CVR Leadership has been in business since 1987. In that time, the training programs and coaching services provided by CVR Leadership have helped numerous organizations improve their results, and individuals become better leaders.

Caroline Rowan

Caroline Rowan is the founder and president of CVR Leadership. She is a Leadership expert and an International Coaches Federation certified Coach.

Caroline was born and educated in England. She has authored and published several successful development programs, which are marketed internationally.

She is known for her abilities to help people grow and develop as well as helping them obtain enhanced results through behaviour change. Her coaching helps leaders to not only understand what it means to be a strong leader and coach, but also to ensure that they develop the necessary skills. The coaching process achieves this through creating awareness of the need to change and then applying the four key elements of coaching — commitment, guidance, support and accountability.

Developed through the years of coaching and facilitation, Caroline has ehanced her empathic listening and insightful feedback, her persistence and ability to provide accountability as well as her ability to create the right environment to support people to change. These key attributes have been acknowledged by many senior executives and business owners. She has solidly grown her business each year through referals from current and past clients.

Her extensive and diversified business experience spans leadership, sales, customer service, manufacturing, retail, strategic planning, and marketing.